Car panel dispaly, version dot-matrix

visore con numeri rossi visore con numeri blu

New display car panel (cabin display); simple snap-on fixing. Display with plastic material protection screen (unbreakable and shock resistant).
Mechanical cut out 132 x 132 mm. Multi function display IND-DOT-1 is with double numeric indication and arrow, all dot matrix type. The display include this function and indication :

  • Alarm send
  • Alarm received
  • Over load indication
  • Buzzer
  • Emergency lamp
  • Area lamp red ( example: no smoking)
  • Area lamp yellow ( example: indication CE)
  • Area lamp central ( big ) yellow ( example: client logo or factory logo)
  • Aree (2) lamps ( example: max load and number persons )

The display no have necessity of other electronic part ( driver or encoder) .

Integrated directly input code for version "one wire – one floor" "7 segment code" "hex code" "binary code" Is possible have the indication number and arrow fixed or scrolling, with two different type of velocity scroll. Is possible have three type of arrow.
All this function selected directly by a jumper, non electronic programmer or external electronic tools. All the input photo coupled.
The lamps area ( red and yellow) are personal added , with logo info, or other type indication (customer or factory). This is directly make ( no external supplier) ; sufficient a normally laser printer.