Mini sensor single rope, kit LP-8CAD.

Mini sensor single rope, kit LP-8CAD

Ropes tension control device

Ropes tension control device
Cram Srl deals with weighing instruments.
With extensive experience in the field Cram is now able to produce customized products for every need: from measuring devices such as lift and elevator over-load control, display indicator, LED lighting systems for elevators, to electronic weighing systems, such as A/D converters, DC/DC converters, load cells, deformation sensor and other electronic devices.
Cram Srl provides a comprehensive consultancy service, especially for law standards, OIML certification and help in the product selection.



Electronic part types

1. Digital electronic part 2CAX

2. Digital electronic part 7CAD with internal display

3. Digital electronic part 7CRX with radio-controller

Compression sensor SBOT

Compression sensor SBOT



Deformation sensor CRL1

Sensore di deformazione CRL 1

Deformation sensor CRL2 small length 70mm

Sensore di deformazione CRL 2

Total plate for ropes PTG1

Piastra per funi PTG1

Total plate for ropes PTG2 - "slim" version -

Piastra per funi PTG2

Single sensor for ropes SN with electronic part FN

Sensore per funi SN

Sensor under cabin SC with
electronic part FN

Sensore sottcabina SC con centralina serie FN